Teen Wolf's Tyler Posey Shirtless

By: Joe Thompson

Did you know Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey play rhythm guitar and sings vocals for the band Lost in Kostko?

Neither did we. Actually, we don't follow Teen Wolf either, but we do love Tyler Posey, especially when we see "shirtless" next to his name.

So it was with great excitement when we came across a post on Socialite Life that offered just that. They also revealed the info about the band, which is was kind of interesting. They explain that Lost in Kostko hails from "the quiet suburbs of Santa Clarita, California." That's by Magic Mountain and CalArts. Lost in Kostko is a four piece band, formed in the summer of 2009, and they've been picking up steam lately. Perhaps they'll one day be as popular as the Keanu Reeves band Dogstar.

Here are some samples, but Socialite Life has 14 photos, including some from Teen Wolf, and video of the band. Check everything out there.