Chord Overstreet Returns to ‘Glee’ as a Stripper

By: Joe Thompson

Tonight's going to be a big one for Glee, because not only does Sam (Chord Overstreet) return to the show after a hiatus, but when the characters meet him again he's on stage shaking his money maker for cash.

As you'll recall, Overstreet was cut from the current season, and the official word was that the 22-year-old declined an offer to return as a recurring character so that he could focus on his music. In the show the story was that Sam's father—who'd lost his job and house, leaving the family living out of a roadside motel—had found a new job in another city and they'd all moved. There was always a chance for the character to come back, though, and tonight's the night. And from the 30-second trailer below it seems as though Sam may be doing a little side gig to help pay the family's rent. This is only strange because (we think) Sam was supposed to be younger than the other McKinley High students, which means he's a minor stripping at a nightclub, and even in Glee-town that sounds illegal.

Maybe he has a fake ID. Maybe we're reading too much into a commercial without having seen the full episode. Who can say? What we do know from Entertainment Weekly's website is that Finn and Rachel get Sam to rejoin the New Directions, but as Overstreet explains in the interview, things don't go smoothly. “He tries to kind of pick everything back up where he left off and he realizes that everything has has changed a little bit since he’s gone. He has to kind of re-adapt a little bit.” They will explain what happened with the off-screen romance between Sam and Mercedes, and resident bitch Santana "goes off" on him. No word yet if he will return to the show for good.

Check out the trailer for tonight's episode.

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