WATCH: Tonight's 'She’s Living For This' with Sherry Vine & Bianca Del Rio


Tonight, watch the latest episode of Sherry Vine’s new comedy and variety series She’s Living For This as the sharp-tongued Bianca Del Rio does everything within her power to steal the spotlight from Sherry.

The insanity continues with special musical guest the outrageous Bridget Everett, short film 1 Girl, Five Gays by Francis Legge, and “Penny Saver Airlines,” a comedy skit by Erik Jackson. And no episode would be complete without a parody number from the hostess herself. This week Sherry and the boys get down and dirty with “Gang Bang.” So don’t miss what the critics are calling “The zaniest half-hour, anything goes variety show.”

She’s Living For This starring Sherry Vine with Special Guest Bianca Del Rio begins airing on here! TV tonight. Check out the clip below.

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