WATCH: 'Super Best Friends Forever' Episode 3

By: Rick Andreoli

Super Best Friends Forever is our new favorite series on Cartoon Network. And by "series" we mean a series of short cartoons—no longer than a minute and a half—featuring Kara Zor-El as Supergirl, Barbara Gordon as Batgirl and Donna Troy as Wonder Girl. It's a fun balance campy chaos and clever action scenes (What more can you ask for in that amount of time?) and with the way fans are responding it could very well become a series at some point.

The shorts come from Lauren Faust (My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, The Powerpuff Girls). Short #1 was about the girls borrowing Wonder Woman's invisible plane for a joy ride, while Short #2 focused on Batgirl trying to sneak out of her bedroom without her dad (Commissioner Gordon) finding out. And Short #3? Well, this one is all about the boy in blue, Superman himself, and what happens when a tries to stop a grounded Supergirl from breaking curfew. From the photo, you may think this is how she gets him... but you'd be wrong. Check out the fun below.

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