The Ex- President's Gay Son is a Naughty Boy

By: Daniel Villarreal

T.J. Hammond, the fictional gay son of the ex-president in USA's Political Animals is basically the evil twin of Glee's Kurt Hummel.

They're both musically inclined and have the same hair, but while Kurt like to help his fellow choir mates with their problems, T.J. likes to have tricks snort coke off of his abs.

And while Kurt would most likely greet any man's boyfriend with a smile and a handshake, T.J. just freaks out, grabs his clothes and jumps out the window.

Did we mention that T.J. is also suicidal, tried stealing from his grandmother and could ruin his mother's presidential bid? Fun!

The mini-series still has a few episodes left, so stay tuned for even more of T.J.'s wacky, self-destructive antics!

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