Is Sharon Needles Bigger Than RuPaul?

By: Brandon Voss

In a new interview with Out, Sharon Needles opens up and breaks down about the attention and responsibility attached to her newfound fame as winner of RuPaul's Drag Race.

She tells Out's Adam Rathe, "I thought fame was going to feel good, like drugs. I thought I’d be consistently creating adrenaline and serotonin. And I thought that since I had a chance, I was going to be the punkest bitch on the block. I am not. I am the beacon of hope. I am the standard for getting over whatever you have to get over and becoming an adult.”

Needles also suggests that, in the four months since she won season 4 of Logo's drag competition series, she's become even more popular than the drag legend who made her famous: “I’m going to be the first queen to use this crown as a testimonial. Everyone has wasted that crown. What do they do? Photo shoots? Lipsyncing to a fucking Rihanna song? This crown has given me the financial ability and confidence to make my world known. I’m bigger than fucking RuPaul — I have no qualms saying that. It might not last — my reality fame might be as temporary as fake tattoos — but I am determined and have never been more certain about anything in my goddamned life.”

Has all that black makeup finally seeped into her brain, or is the spooky lady right? After all, the touring monster has been teasing her upcoming album on Twitterand her line of Halloween masks is now available.

Just don’t forget who crushed whom at the end of Ru’s “Glamazon” video, gurl.

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