Ryan Lochte Strips for a Tinkle with Joan Rivers

By: Jase Peeples

We’re not sure if Ryan Lochte realized one of his most memorable moments of the 2012 Olympic Games would be admitting he pees in the pool, but we’re sure jokes about alternative water sports are going to be a constant in the swimmer’s life for some time now.

Nevertheless, we can’t say we mind jokes about his golden hobby when they’re preceded by an impromptu strip tease.

Thankfully, Joan Rivers knows exactly what we want to see.

On a recent episode of Fashion Police, Joan managed to talk the athlete into showing off his amazing body before taking him for a tinkle in a nearby fountain.

Would you take a bathroom break with Ryan?

Watch the sexy silliness below.For more of shots of this sexy swimmer check out our photo gallery “Are You Crushing on Ryan Lochte Yet?”

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