New 'Arrow' Preview Hits the Hot-Hero Bull's-Eye

By: Jase Peeples

When Smallville’s historic 10-year run ended last year, we we’re worried there would be a serious shortage of hot superheroes on network television.

Thankfully, The CW rushed to fill the hunky hero void with Arrow– a dark and gritty adaption of DC Comics iconic Emerald Archer, Green Arrow.

While the series won’t debut until Wednesday, October 10, each new trailer The CW releases whets our comic-loving appetite even more. Of course the show’s unbelievably hot star, Stephen Amell, may have something to do with our current interest level. (Shame on The CW for exploiting his body with every new teaser!)

Give the latest trailer – which includes several newly revealed scenes—a look and see if you don’t find yourself pining away for a private archery lesson with this sexy superhero.

Will Arrow be appointment TV for you this season?

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