'Partners' Star Michael Urie Would Rather Play Gay

By: Brandon Voss

Was it wise for out Michael Urie to follow Marc St. James in Ugly Betty, Rudi Gernreich in The Temperamentals, and Prior Walter in Angels in America with yet another gay role in the new sitcom Partners?

“Everyone was telling me, ‘Don’t do any more gay men,’ ” says Urie in the current issue of The Advocate. “But it’s not like they’re banging down my door wanting me to play the straight parts.”

Partners, a series created by — and based on the relationship between — Will & Grace creators Max Mutchnick and David Kohan, premieres Sept. 24 on CBS. Discussing public perception and the concerns of agents and producers during the casting process, the 32-year-old actor continues, "If I were to fight for the romantic lead, it would look silly. It would be embarrassing for everyone because somebody would have to say it at some point: ‘Isn’t this the gay guy?’ They’d use weird words like ‘too soft’ or ‘flamboyant.’ I’ve heard all those words and they’re awful.”

When it comes to taking on the plum role of Louis in Partners, Urie can't imagine fighting to play Louis's straight business partner, Joe (David Krumholtz). “Why would I want to play the straight guy in this? The gay guy is way better, it’s just a way better part.” Um, yeah, considering his love interest is played by Superman Returns hunk Brandon Routh, we should think so!

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