New 'Big Bang Theory' Bromance: Raj Asks Stuart on a Date

By: Scott Ragan

For years we've been watching the endearing and codependent bromance between The Big Bang Theory's Raj and Howard.

But right now with Howard 250 miles up in space on his NASA gig, and everyone else on the show dealing with their own relationship trials and tribulations, Raj spent most of the time during the season 6 premiere doing what he does best — trying not to be the lonely guy.

So after inviting himself to Sheldon and Amy's restaurant date, then giving Penny and Leonard a surprise visit and eventually thrown out of Leonard's apartment, Raj went over to fellow lonely guy Stuart's comic book store looking for some company. After Stuart offered him a drink, they began to listen to sexy bossa nova music, and suddenly this little gem of a scene happened...

Watch below as Raj gets a little randy and musters the courage to ask Stuart on a man date.

Now that Howard is hitched with Bernadette, will Raj focus his tendencies of homosocial intimacy on Stuart?

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