Which Hunk Will Become The First Male Model on 'The Price Is Right'?

By: Daniel Villarreal

If you are reading this, you've probably missed out on your chance to be the first male model on the TV game show, The Price Is Right.

But before your start writing Drew Carey an e-mail begging him to let you audition, you should check out the three men they've chosen as their finalists.

We think you'll like them. One of them is even a German, African American, Norwegian, Polish, and Native American—that’s like five models in one!

It has come down to Clint, Nick, and Rob (shown left).

They all fit the clean-cut, boy next door image we figured the show would go for—wouldn't want a bearded guy with tattoos taking attention away from the prizes, would they?

Honestly, we’re having a hard time choosing.

Clint has a smile that could melt butter, Nick has a jocky-vibe-thing going for him and Rob has a scruffy face and nice case of bed head. We have our own opinion on who will likely win (and we secretly hope that one of them ends up coming out as gay or bi).

But in the meanwhile you should go and cast a ballot before voting ends at noon Pacific Time on Thursday, October 4th. It could be the most important ballot you cast this year!

Well, except for that other ballot thingy coming up in November.

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