WATCH: Cheyenne Jackson in the 'Mockingbird Lane' Trailer

By: Brandon Voss

Oh, the horror! NBC announced that they didn't pick up the Munsters reboot Mockingbird Lane to advance past the pilot stage, but the good news is that the hourlong pilot will see the light of day. The worst, most nightmarish scenario is that the pilot will die a stand-alone death after airing Oct. 26 as an NBC Halloween special, but there's still a chance Mockingbird Lane could become a series if viewership is good and response is positive.

Looking handsome in his snazzy uniform, out and proud Cheyenne Jackson can be seen in the Halloween special's new trailer as Scout Master Steve, leader of young Eddie Munster's scout troop. You might recall that Jackson's Mockingbird Lane experience heavily inspired the retro visuals of the playfully monstrous video for his single "Before You."

Of course, Jackson's presence isn't even the gayest thing about Mockingbird Lane; aside from Ellen DeGeneres's wife Portia de Rossi as Lily Munster and a Franken-scarred but shirtless Jerry O'Connell as Herman Munster, the show was developed by out Pushing Daisies creator Bryan Fuller, and the pilot was directed by out executive producer Bryan Singer of X-Men fame.

Watch the Mockingbird Lane trailer below. Does it look like the show could scare up a big audience?

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