WATCH: 'DWTS' Stud Maksim, Shirtless and Soaked

By: Brandon Voss

Hunky Ukrainian Maksim Chmerkovskiy, a headline-grabbing professional hoofer on ABC's Dancing With the Stars, made himself the target of flying balls and shameless ogling when he appeared on Ellen to help raise money for breast cancer awareness.

Watch in awe as Maks shows off his tight tush in a snug pair of official Ellen swim trunks (one lucky old broad even gets to smack it around a little), playfully pushes a nipple up against glass, and then repeatedly runs his fingers through his thick black hair after he's doused with a deluge of green water.

Oh, you will definitely appreciate it all — if you can get past guest Bethenny Frankel ignorantly asking host Ellen DeGeneres, "Can you appreciate that?"

Check out the video below and get a eyeful of some choice screen shots. You're welcome.


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