'Happy Endings' BFFs Adam Pally and Casey Wilson Talk Fifty Shades of Gay

By: Brandon Voss

To promote the third season of their ABC sitcom Happy Endings, which returns Oct. 23, friends and costars Casey Wilson and Adam Pally are covering similar gay bases in the new issues of The Advocate and Out, respectively.

A Saturday Night Live alum, Wilson plays peppy but perpetually single Penny Hartz, who has been described as the “offensively stereotypical gay guy” of her circle of friends. The actress offers her two cents on Penny's best friend Max Blum — played by Pally — a gay character who’s anything but stereotypical.

 "I think TV was the last place to catch on that representing people as they are is so much more refreshing," she tells The Advocate. "Max is gay, but he’s also annoying, a slob, and whatever, because you can be gay and also a million other things. It’s the right time to be telling the truth with characters on TV, and it feels great to be a part of that."

“I just try to play him for the moment and make him as funny and real as possible,” Pally tells Out, echoing statements from his 2011 Advocate interview. “If you start thinking about repercussions or stereotypes or ideas to break down, it stops being fun and it’s not pure. I try not to think about the end result.”

Is being funny really more important than inspiring or offending?

 "I think that’s what people respect," Wilson continues. "There are sometimes concerns about being respectful with a gay character, and you either end up with a tiptoeing quality or an all-out cliché. It’s great that we’ve pushed past that to just create a hilarious character, gay or not. My mom’s brother was gay, and he actually passed away from AIDS when I was 13. He was quite a character, but he also worked at the electrical plant, so he was this complicated guy with a big laugh who would wear a trucker hat and do impressions. He was gay, but to me Uncle Alan was just the funniest person in the world."

Wilson, who says her "friendship box has fifty shades of gay," also confirms in the interview that she gets many “friendship proposals” from gay male fans. “A lot more than any kind of proposals from straight men, and that’s just the way I like it,” she says. “It’s very sweet. I mean, you can’t always tell if someone’s gay over Twitter, but when he’s talking to you about Real Housewives, it’s probably OK to assume."

Pally describes a typical fan interaction as well: "They see me on the street and most of them are like, ‘Didn’t I go to high school with you?’”

Start getting happy and watch the season 3 Happy Endings promo below.

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