Celebrate Halloween With SNL's Stefon, Jewish Dracula and a Human Piñata

By: Daniel Villarreal

If you don't have any Halloween plans yet, Saturday Night Live's city correspondent Stefon has a few good suggestions — especially if you're into costumes, Slurpees and homeless robot cops.

Stefon has made a name for himself by suggesting New York City's most outrageous and under-the-radar nightspots to SNL viewers. Most of his venues aren't "family friendly," but who can pass up a house party thrown by Nick Nolte and Gabana where every guest gets a complimentary glass of champagne — or is it piss?

And instead of just wearing a sheet and begging door-to-door for candy, check out a party in an abandoned whitefish factory in Little Israel where the two members of the 1980s group Wham! will be wearing the back-ends of a horse costume. If you're "lucky," you'll also run into the old gay man named "Slimer" (we'll let Stefon explain that one).

On a related note, we wonder how many guys are planning to go to Halloween parties dressed as Stefon. All you need is some bangs, fake tattoo sleeves and your hands planted firmly onto the sides of your nose.


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