WATCH: Scratch and Sniff a Shirtless Stud

By: Brandon Voss

We may have found your new favorite party game!

The rules are simple: Round up a bunch of hot shirtless hunks, douse them in various scents, and let your nose — and hands — carefully sniff out the identities of said mystery smells.

Fashion designer, The Simple Life survivor, and good sport Nicole Richie played the game on Ellen while promoting her new fragrance, Nicole by Nicole Richie. Host Ellen DeGeneres tested Richie's ability to smell her own fragrance when compared to other scents worn by a few fine male specimens. You gotta love DeGeneres, who somehow always knows how to give gay men a thrill.

Check out the video below. Spoiler alert: The other guys smell like diaper cream, Jack Daniels, and Vicks VapoRub. Yeah, we’ve all been there.

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