WATCH: Out Contestant Jason Brock Manhandles Mario Lopez on 'The X Factor'

By: Brandon Voss

You'll want to dance and love and dance again after reading this post. Top 16 finalist Jason Brock, who recently spoke to about being out and proud, delivered one of the most memorable performances of the night Wednesday on The X Factor's first live show. 

Working the stage like Adam Lambert and Rip Taylor's love child, Brock put on a Las Vegas-style spectacle with both sexy male and female backup dancers — he felt up one of the guys, natch — while singing Jennifer Lopez's "Dance Again." How could it possibly get gayer? Well, with Jason Brock, anything's possible.

After his performance, which judge Simon Cowell called "wrong" and "utterly horrendous," Brock consoled himself by shamelessly asking cohost Mario Lopez, "Can I pinch your butt?" Although permission is not granted, it appears as though Brock went ahead and pinched an inch anyhow. Can you blame him? The Saved By the Bell alum's flustered and blushing reaction is priceless.

Check out Brock's performance and pinch below.


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