The Steamy Gay Ad Guinness Didn't Want You to See

By: Daniel Villarreal

Guinness is a world-famous Irish beer that has been around since 1759. But in 1995, the dark-colored, steak-flavored beer had a steamy gay commercial that the company kept in the vaults until recently.

In it, a wiry guy gets ready for work while his housemaid cleans up his dirty-ass home — we're talking whiskey bottles left on the floor, dead flies embedded in birthday cake and a men's magazine left floating in the bathtub — even Miss Havisham's house wasn't this filthy.

As the businessman rushes off to work, leaving what looks like a mug full of coffee (or Guinness) on his car, his weary housemaid appears and — twist ending — It's a dude! And they kiss!! Because they're gay!!!

Before we move on, let's point out that the housemaid-slash-boyfriend is dating someone pathological mess. If a guy leaves the house that dirty, he doesn't respect you or himself. And the coffee mug left on the roof of the car? Unacceptable. No wonder they can't have nice things.

But we digress.

It's a beautifully shot commercial with Tammy Wynette's classic "Stand By Your Man" playing in the background. And considering that it was shot in 1995, it delivers a progressive portrayal of a gay couple as normal and loving.

That's something that's a hell of a lot more common now than it was in 1995. So why did the company keep it under wraps until recently?

Ad Respect explains

"The UK tabloid press widely reported the planned ad before it aired, to much scandal. Pubs and consumers were shocked that the traditional brand would air a gay ad."

"Fearing greater backlash by straight consumers, the TV spot was ultimately dropped by Guinness. Later, the company tried to deny that this spot even existed."

"... When asked why the company would deny the existence of the ad he shot, [California-based British producer Tony] Kaye offered, 'Most of them have the vision of a dead rat. I think it was charming and it was very funny and would sell a hell of a lot of beer.'"

Come to think of it... wet abdominal muscles and housework do make us kind of thirsty. Secretly gay beer, anyone?

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