WATCH: Anderson Cooper Tells Letterman, 'I'm Gay, We Don't Do This Kind of Thing'

By: Brandon Voss

David Letterman, bless his heart, recently got guest Anderson Cooper a little loose on Scotch, which led to a fun chat about the Anderson 360 and cancelled Anderson Live host's sexuality. After Dave awkwardly attempted to fist-bump Anderson on his late-night CBS talk show, Anderson jokingly responded, "Dave, I’m gay, we don’t do this king of thing. It’s making me nervous."

When Dave reiterated that Anderson had, in fact, recently come out officially as a “homosexual,” Anderson quipped, “We prefer 'light in the loafers.'"

The conversation also turned to the subject of gaydar. "I can sometimes tell when somebody else is gay, but I’m eternally surprised," Anderson explained. "There’s people I always thought were gay and are not, and then there’s people I never knew were gay in a million years and turn out to be. There’s not a secret code that we’ve all learned from a young age. There’s not a secret handshake.” And if there were one, clearly it wouldn't be a fist bump!

Anderson did get serious for a hot minute when discussing his decision to come out publicly: "As a member of a community in this country who is concerned about the well-being of this country and the well-being of people in the community, I didn't want to be sending in any way — I didn't want anybody interpreting my silence on the issue as being somehow that I was ashamed of something or was trying to hide something... I could not be any more happy. I could not be any more comfortable and any more proud of being gay than I am."

Watch the interview highlights below. How cute is Dave and Anderson's chemistry?

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