Did Anyone Actually Want Shannel to Win 'Drag Race All-Stars'?

By: Daniel Villarreal

Last night, RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars crowned season four runner-up Chad Michaels as the first inductee into the Drag Race Hall of Fame.

Michaels snatched the crown from the grasps of drag-tastic dramatist Raven and the to-die-for drag-clown Jujubee, both who lost as runners-up to disappearing diva Tyra Sanchez in season two.

But Michael's partner, over-the-top show girl Shannel, was not a runner-up when she competed in season one. In fact, she pretty much eliminated herself in the penultimate Absolut challenge when she berated the judges into telling her that she was pretty and talented.

She also mucked up the last two episodes of All-Stars with her long-winded "I wanna go to Australia" responses in the group interview, her scatterbrain recounts of quotidian minutae in her stand-up routine and her attempts to over-produce the superhero dance number to the distress of her teammate the episode before.

That's not to say that Shannel lacks drag fierceness — did you see her S&M leather get-up as the bovine super-villain Lactasia? But considering her reputation for me-me-me self-regard, did anyone besides Shannel actually want her to win All-Stars?

This isn't just a mean-spirited question from an admitted non-fan. I'm actually curious because I want to understand why Shannel's might have been a great winner.

In my mind, Shannel falls alongwide Phi Phi O'Hare and Rebecca Glasscock, two past Drag Racers who sought to beat out their more vulnerable and gracious teammates. Those queens were far too self-absorbed to carry on RuPaul's fiercely progressive legacy as an HIV-advocate and a drag-ambassador to the straight world.

But was Shannel? Please educate me in the comments below, because this drag lover wants to know!

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