Pretend You Got Invited to Kathy Griffin's Super-Gay 'Liz & Dick' Party

By: Brandon Voss

Sure, your viewing party for Lifetime's campy comeback trainwreck was a boozy hoot, but you should've known that Kathy Griffin would top it.

To fully enjoy the guilty pleasure that was Liz & Dick, Cher's bestie summoned three of her best gays — Chris Colfer, Lance Bass, and Jai Rodriguez — to help her play dress-up, live-tweet the flick, and rip poor Lindsay Lohan to shreds. The dishing was no doubt great practice for the comic, who's filming her umpteenth Bravo stand-up special this upcoming weekend.

Your embossed and lightly scented invitation to Griffin's fabulous get-together somehow got lost in the mail? Check out some party pics and 10 of Kathy's best tweets below.

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