'Wrong' 'Evil Gays' Win Amazing Race

By: Daniel Villarreal

Although we spent all our time fawning over the muscles likability of The Amazing Race's hunky Chippendales duo, there was an infinitely less hunky an actual gay couple who ended up winning the show this weekend.

They're Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge, the pair of goat farmers who starred in the 'gay Green Acres' reality show The Fabulous Beekman Boys.

Their Sri Lankan competitors dubbed them the 'evil gays' and even Entertainment Weekly's reality show recapper Ken Tucker feels like the "wrong team" won:

"I wanted Jaymes and James to win; I wanted them to win because they were funny, strong, earnest, tough, and sweet. Those Chippendale boys had spunk...I fervently hoped that Josh and Brent would not win. Mediocre competitors throughout, smug whenever they weren’t whining, I was heartily sick of hearing about their goat farm... [but, when a] team you not only weren’t rooting for, but were rooting against (come on — Josh and Brent could barely read a map in most cities) [wins], it adds an enjoyable element of outrage."

We didn't watch the show, so we can't attest to the boys' alleged evilness, whininess and poor map-reading abilities. But even if they were miserable most of the time, we're at least happy to see a gay couple winning $1,000,000 dollars and kissing in front of several million American TV viewers.

When gay couples win on TV, it makes us feel as if we've vicariously won. So let's relive their moment of glory in the short video clip below, shall we?

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