WATCH: Why Anderson Cooper Likes 'Em Dirty

By: Brandon Voss

Anderson Cooper has come out of the closet yet again — this time as a man who very rarely washes his jeans.

On a recent episode of Anderson Live, the silver fox told What Not to Wear fashion consultant Stacy London that he wears "literally, the same pair of jeans every day."

Basing his behavior on washing instructions given to him by a salesperson at A.P.C., he also admitted that he's washed his jeans "maybe twice in six months." But not even dry-cleaned or in a washing machine, because that would be way too normal.

"The times I've done it, I've worn them and walked into my shower with them and put some soap on them and then air dried them. Isn't that how you are supposed to do it?" Now that's an image.

Check out the confession below. Is Anderson kinda gross, or are we the weirdos for washing our jeans regularly?

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