What a Doll! Dress and Accessorize the 'Happy Endings' Gay Cub

By: Brandon Voss

OK, now this is a much better way to treat a beloved gay television character than with sparkly nail polish.

The Happy Endings gang has been immortalized in a set of cheeky paper dolls, including one for slovenly and chubby goofball Max Blum, the show's stereotype-defying gay character played by Adam Pally.

The Max doll's fine print reads: "You know that friend who is always down for a bet no matter how big or how small it is? The friend that can make a sandwich out of anything? The friend you can always rely on to watch a game or have a beer with? That is Max's ideal man."

Accessorize your Max with a hoagie, a beer, or a taco. Maybe he's driving his illegal limo or hibernating for the winter. Just be careful with that meat smoker!

Of course Max also pops up on his BFF Penny's doll as their legendary mother-and-baby Halloween costume. Why not collect all six?

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