Will Kathy Griffin Ruin Anderson Cooper's Big Gay New Year?

By: Brandon Voss

Despite controversy in recent years — Kathy stripping, Kathy threatening to "knock the dicks" out of a heckler's mouth, etc. — comic Kathy Griffin will once again join Anderson Cooper in NYC's Times Square Monday night for CNN’s New Year’s Eve Live with Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin.

It's their sixth consecutive year ringing in the new year together, but it's their first since Coops officially came out of the closet in the press. Will that weight off his shoulders make this celebration particularly loose and catty? On the other hand, part of what made the duo so dynamic was knowing that Kathy knew what we all knew — c'mon, let's not kid ourselves — and wondering if she was going to slip up and somehow let the silver gay fox out of the bag.

According to Kathy in a preview clip for this year's New Year’s Eve Live, she's ready to spill Andy's darker secrets — "and I don't mean the obvious one that even I'm bored with," she clarifies — until he's left sobbing in a Baby Bjorn. Watch the teaser below, as well as a video compilation of their best moments from the past five years.

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