Ryan Lochte Gets His Own Reality Show

By: Jase Peeples

Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte has scored his own reality show What Would Ryan Locte Do? on the E! network. We can’t deny the news has piqued our interest, but not the way studio execs might’ve hoped.

Of course, we’d welcome any chance to see the amazing athlete in a speedo – which we assume this series will have plenty of – however we question Lochte’s ability to carry a TV show considering the Olympian is far from well-spoken and, unlike his abs, his personality doesn’t exactly pop on screen. (Okay, most of the time he just sounds like a d-bag, but we’re trying to be nice here.)

According to The Wrap:

The series will follow him as he meets women, copes with the fallout of his mom saying he only has time for one-night stands, explores his interest in fashion, and even occasionally swims.

In scenes shown at the Television Critics Association winter press tour Monday, Lochte was seen going out partying the night before he was due to swim, flirted, and made up words as he tried to explain himself. It was pretty funny.

But will we be laughing with him or at him?

Maybe it’s just us, but we don't think this will be the most flattering light for an Olympian.

Still, we might tune in if the show plans on showing footage of another legendary night out with Locte and Prince Harry.

And if E! is listening, lots of scenes in speedos couldn’t be bad for ratings.

Just sayin’.

(To see more of Locte serving sexy swimmer realness, check out our collection of photos.)

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