WATCH: The 11 Zestiest Zingers From Downton Abbey's Dowager Countess

By: Daniel Villarreal

The Dowager Countess is to Donwton Abbey as Barney Frank is to the House of Representatives — she's a smart lady who has been around for a very long time and has a sharp tounge ready to slash anyone who dares try any foolishness.

That's why we're gagging on this video of the Countess Dowager's 11 best zingers from the show. Why would any twentieth century fool dare mess with Maggie Smith? She played Professor McGonagall in Harry Potter after all, and could turn any of the estate's guests into a toad or a pincushion if she felt particularly saucy.

But since the show doesn't take place in Hogwarts, we'll have to enchant ourselves with the wicked spells she spills from her demure lady-mouth — what wicked fun!

Let the verbal smackdown commence!

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