Nicki Minaj Talks to Ellen About Her Feud With Mariah Carey

By: Jase Peeples

Nicki Minaj stopped by the set of the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday, January 15 and opened up to the talk show host about her now-famous feud with fellow American Idol judge Mariah Carey.

The “Starships” singer explained she had heard rumors that Carey didn’t want her on the panel, but didn’t believe them until after Idol began filming and she “started feeling…a little bit of the shade.”

“I just kind of overcompensated by being crazier,” Minaj said, explaining the leaked footage from the Idol set that showed the two divas in a yelling match. “If you know somebody maybe doesn’t like you, now you’re going to really go in… it’s like a defense mechanism, it’s really that your feelings are hurt, and you can’t believe, so you just compensate by being crazy.”

While Minaj insists the two are fine now and she’s “gotten over it,” she admits she’s worried about what may happen once the Idol’s live episodes begin. “I’m not looking forward to live shows,” Minaj admitted. “I cannot trust myself. If there’s a comment being made… I don’t want to look like a crazy psycho again.”


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