'Everybody's a Little Bit Gay' According to MTV2's 'Guy Code'

By: Jase Peeples

The popular MTV2 reality-documentary mash-up series, Guy Code, has become a ratings smash for the network with the show’s third season premiere episode racking up the highest number of viewers for an original season premiere in the history of the cable network.

Guy Code explores the inner working of the bro-tastic world of the average dude, (from quips and jokes, to comics and sports) including that mythical unspoken code that lays the foundation for any bromance worth a high-five.

However, Entertainment Weekly reports the show plans to add a dose of fabulous to next week’s episode as Guy Code takes on homosexuality and a bro's POV on the gays. 

Several artists and comedians are set to appear, including Jordan Carlos who borrows a few words from Honey Boo Boo in the episode to make his point, saying, “If you think about it… Everybody’s a little bit gay.

Check out EW‘s exclusive clip from the upcoming episode (which is sadly not embeddable) at EW.com.

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