'SNL's Kate McKinnon Recreates Jodie Foster's Coming Out Speech

By: Tracy Gilchrist

While there was much anticipation in some circles (mainly in the SheWired offices) about Jennifer Lawrence's Saturday Night Live hosting debut, the SNL's producers failed to take our advice and turn it into the J-Law and Kate McKinnon comedy hour, which resulted in a less-than stellar SNL.

Still, Kate always manages to steal the show from SNL veterans, and she did so early on in last night's episode when she livened up a dreadful Piers Morgan / Lance Armstrong cold open with a hilarious impression of Jodie Foster's coming out speech at last week's Golden Globes. 

The really delicious irony of the whole impression being, of course, that Kate is SNL's first out lesbian cast member.

Here's Kate as Jodie admitting to Piers Morgan that she is "Gay-me for anything, officially a Les-lie Neilson fan and obsessed with Girls (the show). Kate's Jodie appears at the 4-minute mark for those of you who don't care to sit through a decidedly unfunny four minutes of Lance Armstrong and Manti Te'o revelations.

(Via SheWired.com)

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