Cyndi Lauper's Latest LGBT PSA Shoot Was a Hot Mess

By: Brandon Voss

It turns out that Cyndi Lauper's tireless support of the LGBT community isn't as easy as it looks.

In the most recent episode of the WE tv reality series Cyndi Lauper: Still So Unusual, the lovably loopy Lauper films the first public service announcement for her True Colors Fund's Forty to None Project, the first national organization solely addressing the issue of LGBT youth homelessness. Featuring the iconic performer with a group of young New Yorkers, the "America's Next Generation" PSA highlights the impact of homelessness on LGBT youth who have been rejected by their families.

Unfortunately, it's oppressively hot outside, the clock's ticking away, and the frustrating assistant director — who has the same name as Cyndi's dog — isn't exactly Cyndi's favorite person. Of course, she's a super trooper who bonds with the kids and saves the day.

Check out the tense Still So Unusual clips and the final PSA below.

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