Ellen Undresses CK God Matthew Terry

By: Daniel Villarreal

Recently, Calvin Klein's hot new model —  mega-muscle man-candy Matthew Terry — sat with lesbian talk show host Ellen Degeneres to show off his bod and give us all false hope about possibly dating him.

Degeneres mentioned that over 108 million have seen his stunning Super Bowl commercial now, including Terry's own mom, who photographed her flatscreen TV the instant the commercial came on — we're sure the pic turned out great.

Degeneres then bribed Terry to remove his shirt and pants because, c'mon, she knows what you like. Drool, you hopeless lust monkeys, drool!

She also asked if he has a girlfriend (he does not), but she didn't ask whether he has a boyfriend... please dear God let him be gay. PLEASE!!!!

Of course, Mr. Terry was also undressed by openly gay talk show host Andy Cohen earlier this month — some TV executives have all the luck.

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