Meet the Human Inspiration for the Animated Gay Spy on 'Archer'

By: Brandon Voss

Ever marvel at how realistic the gang looks on FX's gay-inclusive animated spy comedy Archer? Well, that's because they're all modeled after real people.

The folks at Vulture has blown the cover on all the models who physically inspired the characters, explaining, "when the producers first asked their animators to develop the show’s characters, they handed over pictures of a ragtag group of friends of the show and fellow animators that they wanted to use as physical guideposts." 

Voiced by series creator Adam Reed, openly gay field agent Ray Gillette is physically modeled after a guy named Lucky Yates. Fun fact: Although Lucky's the model for Ray, he provides the voice of another Archer character, Dr. Krieger. Fun fact 2: The only people that recognize Lucky as the face of Ray are his ex-girlfriends. "He says they probably always wanted him to be blond," adds Archer executive producer Matt Thompson. "And also gay."

Meanwhile, no surprise that the sexy 'toon Archer is based on a former male model. Hubba, hubba.

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