WATCH: 'Days of Our Lives' Gay Shower Kiss Is Complicated, Fake

By: Daniel Villarreal

Days of Our Lives — the NBC soap opera that has been on the air longer than most of us have been alive — recently aired a steamy shower kiss between the resident gay couple, Will and Sonny.

But, being a soap opera, no hot wet kiss is as simple as it seems. You see, a while back, Will saw Sonny kissing Brian which caused Sonny and Will to split up... or something. Who knows? It's all very high school.

Anyway, unless you're a die hard fan of the show, the "plot" doesn't really matter so much as the fact that the kiss below is nice, wet and bare-chested, with just a smattering of chest hair for you fur fans out there. However, if the kiss' twist ending brings you down, you can always just go back and relive the simpler time when Will and Sonny first made the sex — boom-chicka-wow-wow!

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