WATCH: Colin Farrell Thinks His Modeling Pic Looks 'Gay'

By: Brandon Voss

Because Naomi Campbell's so tough on her models on The Face, Tonight Show host Jay Leno recently asked her to lend a critical eye to a very rare retro-swimsuit modeling shot of fellow guest Colin Farrell, who was there to promote his new movie Dead Man Down.

Naomi ultimately had some rather unflattering words for his stance and legs, but it was Colin who tried to put the words in her mouth, quipping, "Before he asks, the answer is 'gay.'" 

We don't think Farrell meant any offense, of course; he's previously spoken out against homophobia and in support of gay rights and his gay brother Eamon. Besides, before anyone said a word about the picture, we were thinking the same thing.

Check out the clip below for a better look — and get a load of those pasty Irish gams!

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