WATCH: Justin Timberlake Doesn't Mind That 'She's Got a Dick'

By: Brandon Voss

As long as he's got his suit and tie and an adorable love interest with a little something extra.

Justin Timberlake hosted Saturday Night Live for the fifth time this past weekend, and one bit that stood out for us was "She's Got a D!%k," a pre-taped digital spoof of a romantic comedy trailer in which a guy discovers that his new girlfriend has a penis.

Trans-panic gags like this have been done for years, but this one feels like progress. Sure, the "Confused Black Friend" can't wrap his brain around the situation and asks a few inappropriate questions — "Can I see it?" — but the refreshing twist here is that Justin's leading man character doesn't care. To him, she's still the perfect girl. As a bonus, the big kiss isn't followed by any comical gross-out reactions.

Watch the clip below. Do you find this sketch funny or still somewhat offensive due to the sensitive subject?


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