We Really Hope This Is 'Idol' Finalist Paul Jolley's Boyfriend

By: Brandon Voss

Though he hasn't been vocal about his sexuality like ousted contestant JDA or fake contestant Randy Rainbow, American Idol top 10 finalist Paul Jolley, a 22-year-old Tennessee pop-country artist, has been busy twanging gaydars on fan sites like Vote for the Worst and Idol Forums.

Truth be told, gay rumors are swirling around all five of the male finalists, but resourceful viewers have dug up recent photos of Jolley with a young man named Brock Hartline, Jolley's alleged boyfriend, who has easily snooped Pinterest and Facebook pages. If Jolley is in a gay relationship, will he pull an Adam Lambert or come out while still on the show?

Of course, Paul Jolley and Brock Hartline may not be gay at all. They might just be close buddies who like to take sweet photos together with their heads lightly touching. Still, we're keeping our fingers crossed — when they're not dialing in to vote for Jolley!

Either way, it does no harm to share more cute pics of the photogenic pair on the following pages.

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