Even Stephen Colbert Thinks 'The Bible' Jesus Is Too Sexy

By: Brandon Voss

Lord have mercy, we told you so!

Portuguese actor Diogo Morgado, a former telenovela star and model, plays Jesus on in The History Channel’s hit miniseries The Bible, which recently inspired us to resurrect photos of 24 other sexy actors who’ve walked in His sandals onscreen.

But we weren’t the only ones to notice that The Bible's savior was super-sexy.

"Their Jesus is way too hot," complains Stephen Colbert on a recent episode of The Colbert Report. "It does not project holiness when you cannot look at him without saying, 'Goddamn!'"

The faux-conservative comedian also jokes that we can’t possibly relate to the suffering of a man played by an actor who looks like an "Aber-Christy & Fitch model."

Watch the clip below — and be sure to check out our list of of the 25 Sexiest Saviors here.

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