POLL: What Happens When He Likes His Hands More Than You?

By: Daniel Villarreal

It's been said many times that no one will ever be able to please you as well as your own hand.

If you believe that, then perhaps you can empathize with the Threesome viewer whose lover can't keep his hands off of himself — even when his bud wants some love.

In the most recent episode of Threesome, NYC nightlife producer Daniel Nardicio, reality star-model Will Wikle, and comedy diva Robbyne Kaamil discuss how to handle this one-handed Jack. They prefer a hands-off approach, but what do you think?

Should he keep his selfish sex partner and try to get hands-on with him? Or should he tell Rosy Palms to shove off?

Watch the Threesome clip below and then sound off in our poll and in the comments below. We'd love to hear what your hands have to say.

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