Nicki Minaj Is Still Sweet on Gay 'Idol' Reject Papa Peachez

By: Brandon Voss

Anyone with eyes and ears knows that there are and have been plenty of gay contestants on American Idol this season — how you doin', Paul Jolley? — but polarizing judge Nicki Minaj chooses her favorite openly gay contestant in new interview with

"Papa Peachez is the one that was probably the dearest to my heart only because I felt that he was such a super star, but I don’t think he really knew that yet," says Nicki of the self-described "big black woman trapped in a little boy's body," who was sent packing during Hollywood Week. "Whenever I meet someone where I feel like they don’t really know their own worth it kind of bothers me. I just thought he was so exciting like I wanted to just see him perform his original music every week, but unfortunately as soon as he didn’t perform the original music he kind of got overshadowed by all the other big singers."

If Papa's still dear to your heart too, look him up on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube.

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