Why You'll Never See Gay Sal on 'Mad Men' Again

By: Brandon Voss

Mad Men returns for a sixth season with a two-hour premiere Apr. 7 on AMC, but at least one beloved character won't be rejoining the swell ’60s cocktail party anytime soon.

Series creator Matt Weiner is very aware, thank you, that fans still lament the departure of closeted art director Sal Romano, who was played by out actor Bryan Batt. Sal was fired from the ad agency for rebuffing the advances of a powerful male client late in season three, and Sal hasn't been seen or heard from since. Isn't it about time to bring him back?

"More than with any other character, I've had lots of conversations about that," Weiner tells The Wall Street Journal. "I wanted to tell the story of how incredibly unfair it was for Sal, and that's the sacrifice I made. It's a gigantic moment in the series."

Got a problem with that? Weiner basically thinks you should suck it. "If you liked the first season so much, go watch it again," he continues. "You cannot have bacon at every meal... You'll burn out that way."

For the record, Elisabeth Moss, who plays Mad Men's corporate ladder-climbing copywriter Peggy Olson, misses Sal too. "I thought that was an incredible storyline, and I’m glad that we had it," Moss told The Advocate. "But the truth is that what happened to Sal is what really would’ve happened: Unfortunately, he would’ve left the agency. As much as his presence on the show is missed, that was an important story to tell."

Do you still miss Sal Romano and Bryan Batt? Do you accept Matt Weiner's explanation? Are you just happy to be talking about something else besides Jon Hamm's penis?

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