WATCH: Gay Sports Don't Make Any Sense to Stephen Colbert

By: Brandon Voss

Now that NBA player Jason Collins has made history as the first man to come out as gay male in major pro team sports, Stephen Colbert fears that the end may be near for straight America.

For starters, has Collins totally ruined basketball for everyone else? As Colbert complains on The Colbert Report, "Now when I hoop it up with my basket bros, I can’t use expressions like 'take it to the hole’ or 'jamming the rim' or 'hey, let’s touch each other’s penises.’”

What's the bigger issue here? "Gay sports do not make any sense," Colbert continues. "Just like gay marriage doesn’t make any sense. Because marriage is for making babies and so is basketball."

Watch below as Colbert addresses the "homo fascists" ruining the lives of conservatives.

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