Q&A Quickie: Will Wikle on How to Be a Ripped, Go-Go Dancing Sex God

By: Daniel Villarreal

If you've ever been to an NYC underwear party or seen Here TV's sex advice show Threesome, you've probably seen Will Wikle, the Big Brother contestant who has since become a professional model and perennial lust object. Wikle's Threesome episodes just became available on Here TV's new paid YouTube channel — and he also made our list of Here TV's 20 hottest men — so we sought out his expert advice on how normal guys can get a kickin' body to twerk in the club and the bedroom.

Gay.net: You have an ass-mazing body. What can we do to get our bodies looking as hot as yours?
Will Wikle: Wow, thank you! I've got to start by giving all ass-tacular props to my dad. He's a pudgy Mississippi good ole boy with an amazing ass that I was lucky enough to inherit. Otherwise, I do work really hard in the gym, particularly as we get closer to bikini season. I feel like I've finally found the exact balance of exercise and nutrition for me — everyone's metabolism is different — and when I say gym and nutrition, what I really mean is that I've figured out the minimum amount of exercise I can do to get rid of the maximum amount of mexican food that I funnel down my throat daily.

You once told Paper magazine that aspiring go-go dancers should just buy a chunky pair of Nike high tops, a fitted Yankees baseball cap, a Timoteo jockstrap, and a $12 buzz cut. Can anyone become a go-go boy?
My illustrious go-go dancing career started as a joke with a legendary go-go friend I secretly wanted to hook up with. I decided to keep going, but only for a year. The first rule of being a good go-go is knowing when to step off the box — everyone has a shelf life! That said, you can still find me dropping and popping for [NYC promoter] Daniel Nardicio at our legendary underwear parties. I mean, I'm already in my underwear — or less — so why not? Anyone can technically become a go-go dancer, but it's a certain type of guy that succeeds. Mainly, you can't take yourself too seriously, and you should actually be able to find the beat — nothing worse than a diva bitch with a terminal inability to twerk. And yes, I did hook up with my friend in our dressing room while Crystal Waters performed "100% Pure Love" out front. "Back to the middle and around again," sweetie!

You're certainly not shy about showing off your bod. Is gay culture too focused on physical attractiveness and sexual image?
Gays have taken body dysmorphia to a whole other level. I know because I've lived it. One absolute is that every gay you know looks at his body in the mirror and wishes something was different. There are a couple ways I deal with this. First pick out a personal strength and focus on that when you get preoccupied with your "trouble" areas; next time you get upset about a little belly pooch, say to yourself, But damn my legs are fine as hell! The other is to never compare, always contrast! Don't hold yourself to unrealistic expectations, and instead of looking at what he has that you don't, flip it and reverse it. Show him — and us — what you're working with, boo!

You played one of the "mean girl gays" in the film Another Gay Sequel. When's the last time you were a mean girl in real life?
The whole experience of being on a reality show really did a number on my mean girl gene. While people are overwhelmingly lovely and supportive, there is still that small fraction of anonymous commenters who make it their mission to take you down inside and out. In addition to developing a very thick skin, I am much more naturally sensitive to the things I put out there about others, because I know how it makes me feel. My advice to anyone who ever has a blog post written about them: Don't ever read the comments. Like, never!

What advice would you give to someone who's unhappy with his body or who lacks sexual confidence?
Try very hard to disconnect your sexuality from your body image. I know that sounds crazy at first, but in my experience some of the hottest sex I've had is with guys who weren't technical beefcakes. When you're in the bedroom, it's not about shoulder to waist ratio — confidence, eye contact, and a witty repartee get me harder than a pair of perky tits every time. If you're unhappy about your body, set a realistic goal and start moving. I used to be super skinny twink, and my journey to add muscles took some years, but it happened with some dedication. In the meantime, love yourself and get laid!

View a clip of Wikle discussing chronic masturbation on Threesome below.

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