WATCH: Did Stefon Marry Seth Meyers or Anderson Cooper?

By: Brandon Voss

When it was confirmed that eight-year Saturday Night Live veteran Bill Hader would be leaving the show after last night's season finale, you just knew his beloved alter ego Stefon — the show’s gayest and funniest character — would get a proper send-off.

In his final appearance, after sharing details about New York’s hottest club, Pants!, Weekend Update's tweaking NYC club correspondent gets offended by his crush, Seth Meyers, and runs off to get married... to Anderson Cooper! Does Seth reciprocate Stefon's feelings after all? Luckily, Seth saw The Graduate, so he crashes the wedding, which is attended by all of the twisted club personalities Stefon has described over the years. It's epic.

But which handsome reporter will Stefon choose in the end?

Watch the amazing clip below and pour one out for Bill and Stefon.

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