Q&A Quickie: Colton Ford on Sex, New Music, and 'The Lair'

By: Daniel Villarreal

Though he first became famous through porn, silver daddy muscle-god Colton Ford has since become known for his dance music and acting career. You may know him as Sheriff Trout from Here TV's vampire horror series The Lair or sex advice show Threesome — both of which just became available on Here TV's YouTube Premium channel. We caught up with Ford — who just made our list of Here TV's 20 hottest men — to ask him about going from the red light to the mainstream spotlight and growing grey in the gay community.

Gay.net: There was once the belief that anyone who did porn or showed their dick in public would have no shot at a "legitimate career," but you've made a career as an actor and singer. Is porn no longer a barrier to a mainstream career? Will we ever see a gay porn president?
Colton Ford: I think things are slowly shifting and the lines are starting to blur. I mean, how many A-listers have we seen naked, either in legitimate films or home sex videos, who are thriving in their careers, with some even capitalizing on the salaciousness of their sexploits? There is still a stigma attached to it, but there are more people giving it less weight then ever before. But a gay porn president is a long way off!

Viewers loved you as Sheriff Trout in the gay vampire series The Lair. What did you enjoy about that role?
Sheriff Trout had some campy and cheesy lines, and I really enjoyed the challenge of making them feel real. I'd love to see another show about a small island town with a gay sex club that's a front for a lair of hot, horny vampires sucking the life out of hot gay men who mistakenly go there just to have a good time and make new friends.

You've become a gay icon over the years, especially for guys who grew up watching your films. How have you managed to maintain your ravishing good looks, and what's been the most surprising thing about maturing in the gay community?
Well, being a gay icon took a bit of the stress off of maintaining it. [Laughs] Sorry. Couldn't resist. I've just been consistent with working out and taking care of myself. I try to eat well 90% of the time, giving myself some room to indulge the other 10%. The most surprising thing about maturing in the gay community is that there really haven't been very many surprises.

Some folks criticize gay culture and media for focusing too much on hot bodies and club music. What do you think of this criticism?
Sex sells, and we're all sexual creatures impacted and moved by that kind of imagery — gay and straight. We're subjected to it every day in mainstream media. And club music gives us the opportunity to escape and surrender to the music, which we experience in our bodies. It's sexy, and it also appeals to both the gay and straight communities. But I would like to see more stories told in film and on TV that cover the full spectrum of the gay experience and show how similar those experiences are to those of our straight brothers and sisters.

You have a new album, The Way I Am, dropping soon. How is it different from your earlier albums?
The Way I Am is the biggest, most mainstream record that I've done to date. It encompasses a wide range of musical genres, including dance, electronica, house, pop, funk, R&B, and a little jazz. I have some amazing collaborators on this album, so I'm really excited to get it out there. I'm also working on an EP that has a more acoustic, stripped-down vibe, and I've been cast in a new TV series called Center City, and we're looking to shoot the pilot soon. I'm combing through a couple of other opportunities too, so stay tuned.

Watch Colton Ford discuss planning a Facebook threesome in an episode of Threesome below. Find The Way I Am on iTunes.

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