WATCH: Luke Macfarlane Goes Back in the Closet for 'Smash' Finale

By: Brandon Voss

While everyone was busy buzzing about Behind the Candelabra Sunday night, NBC's Smash ended its run with a two-hour series finale.

“I don’t want [viewers] to think they are going to be left hanging, because they won’t be,” out showrunner Josh Safran said previously of the Broadway-centric drama's inevitable ending. “The season has a beginning, middle and an end… [And] it just gets better and better."

He wasn't kidding! Titled "The Nominations" and "The Tonys," the series finale episodes wrapped up both of Smash's shows-within-a-show with a smashing final bow — and a pretty gay one at that. Along with Behind the Candelabra's Cheyenne Jackson, out actor Luke Macfarlane of Brothers & Sisters fame appeared as Tony voter Patrick Dillon, a famous actor rumored to be gay. Thanks to his flirtatious interactions with star Christian Borle as gay composer-director Tom Levitt, we said farewell to one of the gayest shows on television with a surprise same-sex kiss.

Josh Safran told EW that Luke and his closeted character — who "is really gay," thanks very much — would have probably returned for the third season had Smash been renewed: "We were interested in a season 3 idea of Tom working with this man who he was in love with and [who] was in love with him but who wasn’t out. So he finally found the relationship that worked but there was this huge stumbling block." Damn.

Watch all the Luke scenes and nothing but the Luke scenes in the video below.

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