WATCH: Disowned by His Parents, This Gay American's Got Talent

By: Brandon Voss

America’s Got Talent hopeful Jonathan Allen was disowned by his family on his 18th birthday for being gay, and the singer has been estranged from his parents for more than two years — a heartbreaking backstory you'd never hear on American Idol.

"I want them to see what I’ve done with my life," says the adorkable contestant before taking the stage. "I’m not a bad person for being who I am, and I really want them to see that."

Then he proceeds to serve Bocelli realness and get a standing ovation from the crowd and the judges, including a very supportive Howie Mandel. "Music is what makes me feel like I belong," Jonathan continues. "In my darkest moments, I can escape through music."

Check out the inspirational AGT clip below.

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