Drag Queen Advice: What to Do When Bars Have Tiny Glasses

By: Gay.net Editors

This week is the premiere of She's Living for This, episode 2, on Here TV. Are you living for it?The new episode's adventure finds special guest Varla Jean Merman getting into all kinds of shenanigans with host Sherry Vine and the She's Living for This crew.We also feast our eyes on Merman's epic meltdown, and Sherry transforms into the nose-it-all sleuth Jessica Felcher. Plus, drag diva Jackie Beat has a cameo and may or may not get bludgeoned with a Glammy.In the video below, Miss Vine talks with Merman about the days when drag queens were nice to each other, why she loves P-Town, and what to do when a bar has glasses that are too tiny. Watch now!

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