No Happy Ending for 'Happy Endings' or Its Beloved Gay Cub

By: Brandon Voss

Now this is roof stoof: Happy Endings is officially dunzo and won't continue on another network, TVLine confirmed.

It was hoped that ABC's quirky ensemble comedy, which was cancelled last month, might be picked up and saved by NBC, TBS, or USA Network, but producer Sony Pictures TV has ended its search for a new home — and the cast’s contract options expired this weekend.

That means a very unhappy ending for scruffy and schlubby slacker Max Blum, the show's stereotype-defying gay character, who was played by hilarious straight actor Adam Pally.

"The thing I get the most is that every gay guy thinks he’s Max," Adam told The Advocate about fan response to his character. "He’s in debt, he’s a slob, he’s overweight, and he’s a borderline alcoholic, but it seems like almost every gay man wants to be him. I think the gay community has latched onto him because it doesn’t matter what his sexuality is. He just happens to be a gay man.”

Adam was also very conscious of his gay admirers, especially within the bear community. "First of all, I don’t mind being sexually objectified by anybody," he continued. "But I don’t think I’m quite a bear. I think I’m probably more of a cub. You have to be a little bigger than I am to be a bear, but hey, we all have goals."

Will you miss Happy Endings and Max Blum?

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