WATCH: Flattery Gets You to First Base with Johnny Depp

By: Brandon Voss

After Johnny Depp sat down to promote his new film, The Lone Ranger, on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host kicked off the interview the way any red-blooded American man would, saying, "You have this very handsome — let's just be honest and say beautiful face."

Well, that's all it took for Johnny to kiss Jimmy's blushing cheek — and then twice more on the lips! "I've lost my train of thought," Jimmy says. So have we!

"That's more kissing than I did in all of high school," Jimmy says, to which Depp responds, "Me too."

Why so much bromance in the air? Maybe Johnny just has a thing for talk show hosts, or maybe it has something to do with the fact that he grew up playing with more Barbies than G.I. Joes.

“Wow, I never realized the Supreme Court decision would have such an immediate impact on both of us, really,” Jimmy later jokes.

Check out the clip below.

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